Saturday, January 21

Whispering Spheres

Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 first discovered quantum mechanics, which led to the famous “Schrödinger’s cat” illustration of the principle in quantum theory of superposition. Scientists ever since have been puzzled by the question of a dual reality. Theories of parallel universes and of so called “surface truths” and “deep truths” at different levels of consciousness are mostly based on the duality concept in quantum mechanics A wave becomes a particle, only to re emerge as a wave.

Maybe it's a repeat performance, with many more bells and whistles of the ancient mystics, where new discoveries fired up their imagination.

So what’s changed?

I think some of the more enterprising physicists have tapped into into the “new age” spirituality movement. At their disposal is an astonishing amount of new knowledge and research that stretches our imagination to probe endless possibilities outside the previous restrictive Newtonian scientific view of our universe.
It’s spawned an untold number of books asking the big questions on life, and all designed to quickly intoxicate its appreciative audience. It's magical.
However I think the scientific basis for the duality principle in quantum mechanics is somewhat “shaky and uncertain” if you will excuse the pun. The reason a particle and a wave can be in 2 different states is the crux of the puzzle. But maybe we will never have knowledge of those separate states, for if we had that knowledge we would be able to view them separately, in their separate state. This assumes reality and knowledge are one and the same.
So I can’t prove that, but neither can it currently be disproved. I think Schrödinger’s cat may rest in peace. So if that be true than many of the other duality spin- offs are meaningless.

I also think its likey the tiny quarks that lie deep within the neutrons and protons, which are thought to be indivisable will be one day found to be further divisable just as the aton was.

Some of the ideas coming out this new age thinking concerns our sleep and assumes an interaction in overnight dreaming that refreshes our being.
Given this thought I wrote a poem last year entitled Heavenly Spheres where I attempted to capture this thought in rhyme so it's included here.

Whispering Spheres

As the sunset rays cast their fading light
Birds fly past to rest for the night
Night air cools as the sky is at dusk
Farwell to our toils, time for our rest

Whispering spheres of a neo light form
Spiritual heavens in explosion and storm
Peace is that energy a dream for your mind
Peace and rest for a mind of that kind

The moon beams alight and rest on our skin
Heavenly spheres, our heavenly next of kin
Whispers of hope to enter your mind
Refresh and to heal for all humankind

Whispering spheres of a neo light form
Spiritual heavens in explosion and storm
Peace is that energy a dream for your mind
Peace and rest for a mind of that kind

A universe reveals each night its rebirth
New stars are born, death is new light
Time and space are our one universe
Continues forever its beginning in light

Whispering spheres of a neo light form
Spiritual heavens in explosion and storm
Peace is that energy a dream for your mind
Peace and rest for a mind of that kind

Dawn approaches a light of daybreak
Birds fly in and herald the day
Sweet note refreshed to sing of a new way
Awaken a mind, open thinking to day

Whispering spheres of a neo light form
Spiritual heavens rebirth every night
Peace is the light of the dream of your mind
Refreshed and ready to heal for humankind


DA said...

That left me speachless Lindsay. Beautiful. Allow me to reply "alike"

"Whispering spheres of a neo light form,
imagine vector gauged bosons like a meteor swarm.

Non dual emotions flow through the fountain of youth,
where a universal voice tells us peace is the truth…"

Lindsay Lobe said...


Thankyou and 'Amen" to a universal youthful voice of peace.

best wishes

arulba said...

Wow! I am going to have to re-read this post a few times. I still don't quite grasp the duality spin-off and how that is part of New Age thinking. I kind of get it, but not quite. (Guess it's time to read the book on Quantum Physics you recommended!!! I haven't been reading much lately, but it is most definitely going on my reading list.)


Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Arulba

That new age spirituality is driven I think by the wave and particle duality theories of quantum mechanics and is an early reference point to the book I recommended.

It’s a quantum leap to a dual spirit, guiding out earthly state and connecting us all together and to make contact as we dream. It’s all interesting stuff, like the magicians of old but now the scientists with their new age spiritualists have at their disposal far more bells and whistles for a good mind play.

Best wishes

Gary said...

Your poem leaves me feeling like I do after a good night's sleep! Lovely...and very well composed.

As for duality and links to new age sprituality - I find it interesting that there are clearly two sorts of evidence - scientific evidence (albeit more and more complex) and experiential, largely theoretical evidence.

For example, I was practicing a form of meditation years ago and had an experience of going so deeply into energy and light that I could no longer feel my body and my thoughts were being left behind as I went deeper. I intentionally pulled myself back to my mind and body (out of fear). I didn't know if it has been an 2 minute or 2 day experience (according to my friend sitting on the couch looking at me - it was 20 minutes). I could say I experienced something profound and might call it spirit, pure energy, source of life or something else. I could even choose to say I have no ability to comprehend it - but it was a real experience.

Scientists might have liked to measure my brain activity, pulse, blood pressure etc. - but I have a feeling no material measurement would have guaged or understood the experience.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Gary

Thank you for sharing such a wondrous experience with us and I can only try to imagine it, but like you I am sure I would become fearful and seek a return to my rational self.

Best wishes

madcapmum said...

Very thoughtful poetry, Lindsay... I'm letting it wash over me, trying to "get" it inside.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thankyou Madcap -----I think we often feel so much better after good nights sleep as Gary remarked.

Sometimes I retire to bed with the idea I will give some more thought to a ticklish situation after a good nights sleep.

In the morning I awake to a new perspective, a simple solution, as if the sleeping mind is free to ponder a solution bathed in the light of the healing whispering spheres.

Rachael Byrnes said...

Hi Dad,

Hope the guests last night at your 60th were able to grasp your poetry that I spoke/ sung/ performed. Sorry about the bloopers! Oen day I'll overcome my nerves! Thanks for having me play there! And thanks for your lyrics! I agree with the above comments. Happy Birthday.

Rachael Byrnes said...

One more thing!!

For those who have read my song lyrics "Less is More and the Oily Rag" posted last year (see

you might like to read the additonal lyrics wrote for Dad's 60th last night

Chorus no. 2:
I know we all need a certain amount of money
But too much is never enough for this society
So I share my Dad's philosophy
Reverence for life will save me
From endless pointless shopping sprees
I do not need retail therapy

Extra Verse:
It's not all all that bad
Living off the smell of an oily rag
One day I'll have more
But until then I'm glad
I'm glad that I've got my oily rag

Lindsay Lobe said...

The CD you helped produce with your sisters and their husbands was entertaining informative and very humouress. As I said in my speech our children will always be our children, but if you are blessed like your mother and me, they become your best friends together with their respective husbands. .

It was a sensational night of good food and fun with all of my best friends on board the Victoria Star, (a converted Sydney ferry), as we cruised the waters of the City docklands area to a welcome evening cooler weather change.

Vee said...

Happy 60th Lindsay. It's great to see the relationship you have with your children and vice versa.

I always find your posts interesting and informative. I always leave feeling "do I know anything?" It's all said in a good way. I'm learning so much. I would have never (well maybe not never) picked up a book on Quantum anything and now this particular post has me wanting to read up more on the subject of dual realities and parallel universes, because it's interesting. I know it'll take me a lot of different readings to "get it" but thanks for posting about it. :)

And great poem by the way. Well formed and expressed.

Oohh, and thanks for adding me to your list of sites you visit! :)

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Vee

Thank you and I hope You find aspects of quantum physics interesting.

Best wishes