Saturday, January 14

7 up

Here are my top 7's as requested by DA

7 Things I want to do before I die

Grow with my grandchildren and become their mentor
Continue to be a mentor to my children
Become involved in the non profit sector of business
Travel to Bethlehem and the holy lands
Undertake studies into philosophy
Become a full time philosopher
Publish several Books

What I can’t do

Handyman round the house
Go backwards in time
Step outside the universe
Break 80 round my golf course
Take sport seriously
Play the piano
Sing a high C

The Blogging attraction

Freedom of expression
Choices to read what’ interesting
Links to virtual communities
Learning more about others thinking
Engaging in debate
Improving technological know how
Understand more about publishing

What I say most often these days

At the end of the day
If you follow through to its logical conclusion
I think
We are “home and hosed” once ……
Trapped in the paradigm of that thinking
I better let you go
Best wishes

7 books I read last year

A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram
Collapse by Jared Diamond
The Books by Albert Schweitzer and My life and Thought
The Executive Brain by Elkhonen Goldberg
Science a History by John F Gribbin
Stephen Hawking's Universe
The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking

7 movies I enjoyed

Jesus of Montreal
The Maltese Falcon
The English Patient
Out of Africa
Whale Rider
The Piano

Best wishes


Granny said...

I have trouble with middle C and you're concerned because you can't make a high C?

Good post. You certainly are ambitious and I do like your movie list. Bogie fan?

Gary said...

I love your movie list - have seen them all and they have all been important to me.

DA said...

That was interesting to read Lindsay, thank you. I was touched most by the first two..

Rachael Byrnes said...

Hi Dad,
Great list!

How bizarre that you have seen all those movies!!

Here are 7 things I want to achieve this year:
Record an album in a good studio (rather than at home)

Get paid a massive unexpected amount to write a song

Be incredibly nice to people (especially on Random Acts of Kindness Friday's see

Make 5 new life friends who don't let me down unlike a few that have let me down lately (but all the good ones I have - and you know who you are - you are still great!!

Get married (nah just kidding) Find my soul mate

Become more proficient at piano, guitar & singing

Invent a portable acoustic piano (I have heard they are out there but no one has ever actually seen one..seems to be an urban myth of sorts. Companies like Yamaha claim to have an acoustic piano, but really they are electric pianos that try to mimic the natural piano sound but it's just not the same

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for all your comments.

Old Land New Landscapes:
In relation to the book review of "Old Land New Landscapes" I would like to offer a complementary copy to the first person who expresses interest. Let me know your postal address if you're interested.

madcapmum said...

Oh, you're more organized than I am - still working on my sevens.

So why do you want to go to Israel, etc?

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Madcap

I think I would like to stroll along some of the paths described in the 5 books of Moses should that be possible. Maybe taste some of that mana from heaven or more precisely manna the covers on the ground early mornings from the tamarisj tree which becomes fluffy like fire and by noontime dead, disappears and melts.

Best wishes

Vee said...

That's a really nice list Lindsay.

DA said...

To my opinion a philosopher you allready are Lindsay.

I read Hawkings books as well. I will check out the New kind of science and Science a history..

Would 80 be a possibility on winter greens?

Lindsay Lobe said...


When Jack Nicklaus played his exhibition round with Ina Baker Finch at the Heritage I don’t think he managed to break 80 but he was suffering from some arthritis at the time.

It’s not too different in winter to summer with fairway watering from the lakes except you get a tad more run in summer

I was able to bring some clients with me on the day Nicklaus played his exhibition round and gave his official blessings to his creation. It was delightful day and Jack Nicklaus is a great guy.
One of my clients wanted his autograph and was nervous asking so I responded by asking him and he could not have been more gracious, chatting for a few minutes waking down the 18th, (a 450 metre par 4 with out of bounds along either side and a narrow approach to a heavily bunkered sloping green). At that time his next door neighbours was Ian baker Finch (Ian’s an Aussie and former British Open Winner) and his grand children went to the same school as Ian’s children.

The young guns have no trouble breaking 80, but sometimes I struggle to even break 100.

Why done you come over to Melbourne and allow me to organise a few rounds with you. I also have some very good Dutch friends.

We will have a 2nd course opened across the river of a different persuasion that should equally invite later this year.

Best wishes

Sylvana said...

Looks like you are quite the science geek! ;)
Me too! But I can't hold a candle to you!

Lindsay Lobe said...

Vee -thanks for visiting and likewise to yours with some adventure.

I would like to hear more about that .......(feeling part of "the force") ......I thought that might indicate also you have an interest in science.

Best wishes

arulba said...

I've seen all of those movies, too! I LOVED Jesus of Montreal. Didn't like The English Patient so much. Enjoyed all the rest.

I haven't read any of the books you've read. (I'm sure you aren't surprised!)

I was also touched by the 7 things you want to do - especially the first two. I feel like you are a mentor to me.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks Arulba and I visited your blog(s) and I was about to make a comment how swish they all looked and then couln't decide where, either Dance of the Mind or the Live Journal.

You have a lot of interesting information stored on the respective sites.

I think maybe it was all there before but now its easier to spot. Looks Like you have built up an interesting network of folk on live Journal.I notice you even manage to list your current book reading feast as well !!!

I think Jesus of Montreal must be my favourite Movie.

I think your children will always be your children, but if your blessed,like Anne and myself, than as they mature into responsible young adults they become your best friends, and you can be their mentor. I feel that maybe thats what in store for you. Its a nice thought isnt it !!

Best wishes

DA said...

That offer sounds great Lindsay. Perhaps I should come investigate Melbourne for a M&A survey for my company :-)