Wednesday, December 14

Time For Peace

I have just finished reading Dorothy Rowe’s book ‘Time on Our Side". kindly lent to me by Roger Gray who is employed by QBE be in Melbourne. Thanks Roger, it was good read.

It gave me the inspiration to compose a short poem entitled


Time is space for poets line
Time is space, what we create
Time is space, space our time
Time a space for peaceful state

Time is not our fateful date
Time is our imagined state
Time is not our real estate
Time a space for peaceful state

Time to cast off fears of time
Time to cast off fears of life
Time to cast off fears of death
Time a space for peaceful state

I think time and space are the same. If your interested in why I think that is the case click to read about that from my previous posting -assuming you think you have the time.


Rachael Byrnes said...

Nice one dad! Somehow a spoken word piece, with an up tempo middle-ages-meets-comtempry music-backdrop comes to mind with this one. So much poetry to work with when I get around to it! Great stuff!

Granny said...

It's beautiful. I don't know anything about time/space but it doesn't matter. The message comes through clearly.

DA said...

Great poem Lindsay,

I believe gravity is an expression of time..

laura said...

My hubby and I were just discussing time today and I was wishing you were in on the conversation!

Beautiful poem

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for all of your comments .......yes, without gravity I dont think we can have a sense of continuing creation, an expression of time.