Thursday, December 8

Letters from Malawi

If you're interested in world news you might like to read about Malawi from some facinating local contacts. I have posted 2 recent letters from Fr Patrick McCallion and Sr. Mary Doonan, a medical missionary, assisted by the Malwai Support Group (an inititave of the parish I belong to) Click here for link to the Malwai Support Group Blog. It's wonderful to hear news first hand rather than through the filter of popular press.


Rachael Byrnes said...

Fascinating letters. Reinforces the fortunate position for us compared to Malawians. The work of Sr. Mary Doonan is truely inspirational. What a wonderful leader she is to the women's group and how loved and appreciated she must be.

madcapmum said...

So, I'm a little behind - do you belong to the parish (Catholic?) that "sisters" to the one in Malawi?

Lindsay Lobe said...

Yes, I wasn't clear on that. Chair the parish support group. Our ladies Help of christians -Catholic parish.

100% of what we raise goes directly to the sister parish.

best wishes

arulba said...

Thanks for posting those letters. It's so inspiring!