Monday, October 31

Whale Rider

Whilst staying in Franz Josef we watched a video entitled “Whale Rider”, based upon the novel by renowned Maori writer Witi Ibimaera. The film wren released won several awards. Click here to learn more about this remarkable writer.

Its a delightful tale of mysticism and Maori culture set in a small New Zealand coastal village, where the Maori claim descent from a Whale rider. The Maori tradition is the first born son of the chief succeeds to that rank as would his first born and so on. When twins are born and the boy twin dies prematurely the chief will not accept his granddaughter as a future leader. Tribal misfortunate are then attributed to his granddaughter, but despite the hostility, his granddaughter remains compassionate towards her grandfather, as she realizes she is confronted with 1,000 years of tradition.

The film is cotemporary story of love and tribal customs and ultimately the young girl’s courage triumphs as she rescues her tribe form a possible apocalyptic end, in a scene connected with the beaching of whales. The acting of the young girl is simply stunning and it’s a riveting tale.

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