Thursday, October 13

Free Spirit Flow

Mind was in search of a fragrant new start
Mind was rewarded by prose from warm heart
Mind now refreshed, its new spirit will find
Mind now healed will be it's past sign

Thoughts now explain it’s time to let go
Thoughts that allow your new spirit to grow
Thoughts to find room for your spirits new space
Thoughts now accept the challenges you face

Sweep through your day with your heavenly twin
Sweep through your day to your new daily spin
Sweep through your day and embrace your sweet heart
Sweep through your day like the worlds at your feet

Your mood is surprise, your changes were fast
Your mood please confirm is your freedom at last
You mood is surprise, for our world changes fast
Your mood I suspect is a free spirit at last

I don’t have the answers, just words for your ear
I think life is mystery, its meaning not clear
Can I sense your mood change that moment at last
Your mind is free from a hot wind of the past


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Anonymous said...

Mr Lobe,
I very much enjoyed reading this new work of yours. I felt myself swaying gently to the rhythms evoked through the imagery of the language. To me the poem represented the idea of free and forward thinking. The rhythmic flow of your verse captured a sense of a mind becoming unclutered and free from negative restrictions that were perhaps imposed in the past.
Well done!!