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Charles Kovess's 6th Passion Point for 2005 reminds us of the power of ideas and the patience necessary to realise our dreams if their to become a reality. I have reproduced his latest news letter below.I love the quotes .

Even Einstein was unable to complete the complicated mathematics necessary to verify his idea of personal time as opposed to universal time that was previously thought to apply at that time in history. He had to enlist the aid of a friend, one more skilled in the complicated mathematics to reproduce the calculations to validated his theory. So this theory and subsequent developments leading to the general theory of relativity that have underpinning so much of subsequent scientific advances just began as an idea. It seems ideas make the world go around and are this most interesting aspects of life, followed by the many activities and event's that occur and finally stories about the people themselves. That's my idea anyway.

Dear Lindsay

A Passion Point to Ponder 20 June 2005.

Welcome to the 6th Passion Point for 2005. Our goal this year with these Passion Points is to provoke you so that your business, and the rest of your life, becomes filled with more passion, performance, and improved balance of mental, physical, and spiritual elements.

We are delighted to announce that the pilot for "Charles - A Passionate Performance" was successfully filmed on Monday 16 May 2005 at Channel 31's studios in Swanston St, Melbourne.

The guests on the pilot were Professor Lorraine Dennerstein AO and Andy Gowers, former AFL player with Hawthorn and Brisbane (11 years as a professional footballer). Many thanks to our subscribers who were able to be members of our audience on the day; they had a unique and passionate time! If you want to know about the pilot and what our plans are, please ASK!

Welcome to our new subscribers.Charles has been on the road a lot over the past month, and many of you are receiving this Passion Point for the first time. Welcome to all of you from various TEC Groups, Vic Roads, BMW Group Financial Services, City of Greater Geelong Customer Service Team, Beacon Lighting, Australian Institute of Management in Queensland and the Australian Secondary Principals Association.

PURSUING YOUR VISION AND DREAM, EVEN WHEN OTHERS THINK YOU'RE CRAZY!"A date and a word have passed almost unnoticed into history .

Few would recognise October 22, 1938 and"Astoria" as being revolutionary, but they were.On that distant day, in the New York neighborhood of Astoria, a young Chester Carlson reproduced a paper image from a glass slide, proving that photocopying was possible. The image copied was "10-22-38 ASTORIA".Carlson's imagination, work and the image it produced, failed to inspire others to see its possibilities, with more than 20 companies turning down the invention. Even the chief engineer of what eventually became the first Xerox copier said of what he initially saw "For people to look at that and see the vision of a machine, you had to be desperate."
That desperation, and subsequent machine development, came in 1947 from the Chief Executive Officer of Haloid Co. (the predecessor of Xerox Corporation) a company then struggling to compete with the giant Eastman Kodak Co.It was to take over 20 years from that first image until, in 1959, the first Xerox copying machine was produced.When he was just 12, Carlson reportedly said "Someday I'm going to make a great invention."

Despite his poor background and difficulty finding work during the Great Depression, that "someday" in October 1938 eventually gave us what we now take for granted.Imagination meets many barriers, and Carlson's image was to take a long road before being recognised as worthwhile. The image "10-22-38 ASTORIA" seems an uninspiring one, but its not the numbers, the word or the image itself that count; it's the imagination to see beyond them that does. Unlike Carlson's original image, that is a valuable lesson that never dates, and one we can always copy.

QUOTES TO CONSIDER"Dreams are the seedlings of realities." James Allen (1864-1912), English author.

Do you sow seeds in dreams, or see only deeds and schemes as reality?"All that a man achieves and all that he fails toachieve is the direct result of his own thoughts."James Allen (1864-1912), English author.

Do you achieve your thoughts, or do your thoughts believe otherwise? To your ongoing development of your passionate performance Charles Kovess Australia's Passion Provocateur Copyright- Charles B. Kovess & David J. Wood of Passionate Performance.

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