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Immortal Quantum Faith

I am indebted to Laura at Dance of The Mind and John at Johns Justice for their valuable comments prior to my posting.

My motivation for this post is a passion to link scientific understanding with that of faith in god and our resurrection as previously our faith would be considered best left in the realm of the supernatural.

I feel that the dichotomy between science and religious thinking is coming to an end.In the process science itself uses language that has appeal to religion, terms such as 'singularities' and 'event horizons' that help shape its old founded ideas within a new refershing blaze of enlilightened understanding. For previosly is seemed ideas of resurrection, particularly of Christ's own bodily form after death seemed an illusion, but physics now provides a reconciliation, a linking of faith and science. This does not mean science replaces faith, or we are not in need of a “God”. For even the most basic question of: “Why did the Bang Bang occur at all” cannot be answered by Science. Science can only provide theories proven by mathematics and accurate observation. But they remain theories. Rather, what I see for future generations is for a far richer understanding of the resurrection as we understand better what might naturally occur.

It is almost universally accepted that our beginning from the "Big Bang" was an expansion of a pre -existing form, in a form so dense we can refer to it as singularity, from which came energy and matter.

Like all theories it needs to be tested by observation, for this theory is verifiable by use of the powerful telescopes and measurement tools for radiation. We can journey back in time to the early beginnings of the universe and measure the radiation by tuning receivers to different microwaves, to measure the distribution of power, tracing back our beginning to the “Big Bang”. We can use “Particle Accelerators” to ascertain the effect of “bombardment” of particles and what would have existed in the soup of early creation from the “Big Bang”.

So it seems a reasonable theory, to say that there is nothing new except the form of what already is. The energy from the “Big Bang” allowed that existing form (of what already is) to expand. That form that pre existed, but is now in an expanded form, eg of matter, in relationships, particles with particle, positive and negatives, and so on but all related and connected, wherever they be. This form (in the form of the universe) may go on expanding to infinity (or possibly contract) but the fact remains that it pre -existed at the beginning of time, in a form so dense we call it a singularity. You can therefore say all that is to know, is already known, but because it is now known in expanded form, a relationship exists between the components of this expanded pre existing form.

But the vastness of what is known means we will never be able to understand all that is known. Even in a black hole, (a collapsed star, so dense that light cannot escape and time ceases to exist) all knowledge (laws of physics) is not lost, as was previously thought, but re-escapes back into the universe via the event horizon. The “event horizon”, occurs, as a temporary state, just before matter is sucked into the star, by gravity, from which it cannot escape to form part of the singularity. So matter energy and knowledge all exist, and have always existed, with possibly the largest portion represented as knowledge.

Therefore, it also seems a reasonable theory, that all of the “conscious thoughts” occurring, will exist, in infinity. These conscious thoughts are cumulative understandings of what is known.

For if we were able to capture the sum of the history of the universe since its beginning theoretically this would allow us to predict the future. But how could you possibly do this since we are trapped within the system, within our time space dimension that precludes a complete understanding of all that is known, an understanding of reality. Its ultimate reality, (not for us in our current state) is that outcomes, that is creation, continue through transformed past and present conscious thoughts.

In our current state, we are trapped, within it; we can’t go outside it, to view it, except perhaps if we were able to discover a” worm hole” to climb through. But no doubt any intrepid space explorer would surely be zapped by the extreme radiation present. Worm Holes are tunnels through space, considered possible in modern physics, because of the nature of the universe, imagined as a lose bag of creation, flexible enough to fold back, and create crevices, worm holes, where theoretically we could go backwards in time. We would then be able to view our 'Reality’ by looking in. That is from a point outside our current state and before the time that were in, before we set out.

So life after death, that is our resurrection and perhaps a resurrection for all finite things is made possible by the relationships created in the birth and subsequent expansion of the universe. Our resurrection is the interchange from one state to another. This is quite possible from a scientific point of view, requiring a replication by the previous “conscious thoughts” but in another space time dimension. Our faith is, as is truth for us, to encounter the true reality of a transformed form of being. That is faith, not science, but what would seem possible now from what we know of science, from one state to another.

This “reality”, revealed in our resurrection, includes all conscious thought, since the beginning, but through our resurrection, it will eliminate, through this transformed form of being all of the suffering that occurred in our previous state. So we will be in a position to use the history of these conscious thoughts by downloading, into another subsequent creation. Hence creation continues, but in our present state, we cannot see this creation, as we are outside its reality

Just after I originally wrote this an article a similiar one appeared in the "Tablet" written by Keith Ward, Regius professor of divinity, University of Oxford, entitled “The quantum Leap”,

“Lee Smolin thinks that future intelligence beings might be able to download themselves through wormholes in space time into other parrel universes, so that a sort of immortality would be possible”

Ward further comments later in his brilliantly written article "The unique things about Jesus’ transformation would be that his transfigured body appeared in solid physical form, for short and intermittent periods, for some time after his death.”

He later comments further:

The amazing fact is that much modern physics enables us to see this, and not as something contrary to reason that contradicts all that science knows about the world. It is an intelligible possibility for a universe that could be one of many universes –in effect the “multiverse" -in which matter is an expression of a deeper veiled reality. There personal lives (scientifically regarded as information –processing systems) can be embodied in different forms.

It looks as if is there is a god. The resurrection is virtually inevitable

The prospect that science and faiths can move forward, in harmony, is an exciting one. We are “close” to reconciling what in the past was seen as irreconcilable conflicting differences.

I would be interested to hear from anyone with a similar interest in the “Quantum Soul”.


john s said...

Hi Lindsay,
Your article, indeed,is very interesting and 'idea-giving'. It helps us to get a better understanding of the Christian resurrection. I mean by this, not so much getting closer to the truth if that was posbbile,but rather some ideas about the possibility of the final resurrection. I am saying this, because, when you strip all scientific knowledge back to its starting point, yoiu are faced with the same dilemma, namely a theory which, to be fair, sounds plausible and is definitely defensible, but in the end is just another theory, another premise.
This is not to denegrate what you, and the various scientists, are saying, but it is rather a type of caution. Let me put it another way.
If we, at some time in the future, will know exactly how the resurrection was exactly (my emphaisis is on 'exactly')was possible, we would be able to know God's mind, i.e. we would know God. It is, in a sense the same, as when I (and i am a post-modernist)say that I know the universal truth as a human being. That very fact would indicate that I am not anymore a human being, but may be, something close to a superhuman. All these thigs are based on a belief system. A belief system because that is how it was revealed to us by Christ. As you say, we are part of the system and cannot think autisde of it, but is there, therefore, any reason to believe that science can think outside the system?
Thanks John

John S said...

Hi Lindsay,
Sorry about all the typographical errors in my comment. I should have used the spel-check
John S

a said...

Thanks for the comments, John. You helped voice something I was having difficulty with. Lindsay's comment of being stuck inside the system does seem to be correct. And assuming it is, that explains why any belief system - be it science, theology, religion, philosophy - is always self-limited.

The problem, of course, is that proving God's existence would likewise offer proof of His non-existence (how could it be otherwise?). But I do think this is an absolutely fascinating theory. It seems likely we are on our way to discovering a part of ourselves we'd forgotten existed.

Well done, Lindsay! You've given us much food for thought!

a said...
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a said...
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a said...

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