Thursday, December 28

Animal Odd Couples of the world


Rachael Byrnes said...

This is adorable, I absolutely love the jack russell and tiger!

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Rachael
There are so many like that but I agree the jack Russell and tiger are special.
Best wishes

susan said...

Some years ago I enjoyed reading David Brin's The Uplift Wars, a science fiction trilogy whose premise was that alien races who were used to feudal arrangements with lower races they'd 'uplifted' to sentience and membership in a great galactic society being aghast that humans had uplifted themselves. Worse still, humans were busy uplifting their animal neighbors with dogs, chimps, and dolphins already creating cultures and science of their own. It all seems a bit silly now but the story was very uplifting (:)) at the time.

This video shows that our four footed co-inhabitants of this planet could teach us a few things about civilization right now.

Thanks for posting it, Lindsay, and Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife.

Sean Jeating said...

I am not an afficionado of this kinds of presentation, but each example is surprising, indeed. The ducklings and the cat made me smile.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan,
Pleased to hear the post brought to mind memories of the science fiction trilogy. I agree,just as the animals who don’t have to revert all their energy to survival have capacity for kindness,so too for us if we could only stop most of the fighting.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Sean
Not something I would normally post. But the documentary just kept giving me plenty of smiles.
Best wishes