Wednesday, July 5

Roger Young Collective - Now You Has Jazz

On Monday as the Victorian co coordinator for retirees with my previous employer I organised our midyear function which was a concert at the Melbourne Arts Centre. Afterwards we enjoyed a luncheon at the Irish pub P J O’Brien’s.  

The above clip is just one small sample from the lead jazz singer and her ensemble. Her performance on the day was exemplary, possessing an ideal clear, bright and powerful voice which was thoroughly engaging throughout.  Violinist and arranger Roger Young brought a jazzy accent to mostly well- known screen numbers, being aptly supported by his string ensemble (Cello, Violin and double bass) plus the superb jazz musicians on Sax, Piano and Drums.


susan said...

Hi Lindsay,
I listened to the piece and it sounded very good indeed. I've long been fond of jazz and swing music - so much so that for a number of years when we lived in RI I'd attend the big band show that happened every Monday night at a little tavern across the river from Providence. More like a jam session than anything else, the main group (all former professionals) would be joined by special guest players who were in area. Providence is closer to Boston than NYC but in the same general area of the east coast so there was lots of activity.
Thanks for the reminder.
Al the best

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
Pleased it brought back fond memories.
Best wishes