Monday, October 17

R. Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony

One of my favourite composers is Ralph Vaughan Williams whose distinctive work is easily  recognisable. A Sea Symphony combines voice and orchestra to capture the power of the ocean and the majestic vessels traversing that mighty deep we call the sea.    


susan said...

Thankyou for a wonderful musical piece, Lindsay. Since my experience with classical music is severely limited it's good to find composers I've either missed altogether or have overlooked.

I just read the wikipedia article about him and loved this note: When the young Vaughan Williams asked his mother about Darwin's controversial book On the Origin of Species, she answered, "The Bible says that God made the world in six days. Great Uncle Charles thinks it took longer: but we need not worry about it, for it is equally wonderful either way".

All best wishes

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
a great comment from a remarkable man. Glad you enjoyed the recording which incidentally runs for a very long time after a short pause ending the fiat movement. Trust you didn't think it was finished after that pause.

Best wishes