Wednesday, May 4

I'm Dreaming of Home (Hymne des Fraternises) - Joyeaux Noel soundtrack

Readers are probably familiar with the story of over 100 years ago when British, Belgian and French soldiers laid down rifles, to step out of their wretched trenches and spend Christmas mingling with Germans along the Western front.

Pope Benedict XV had called on authorities some months earlier for a Christmas truce which was rejected, but nevertheless it seems a spirit of Christmas arose effortlessly to sweep over the trenches. Initially it was thought to have begun from an exchange of carols with Germans joining in with the Latin words for ‘O Come, All Ye Faithful’ which was well known to both sides.

The event remains etched in the war diaries as a testament of hope that humanity can emerge even from the darkest hours of history. The Open Doors Diamond valley Choir enjoy singing this beautiful song about a longing to be home by the battle weary troops from the film about the event.


susan said...

I remember learning about this incident that brought a tiny measure of grace to that horrific conflict. Your post reminded of a film called 'A Midnight Clear' that came out in the early 90s about two small groups of soldiers (German and American) who meet in the Ardennes forest at Christmas near the end of wwll. It's an anti-war movie which portrays the human, emotional, and spiritual cost of war as well as a great story told as a parable about the insanity of war and what truly makes us human.
All best wishes

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
Indeed it is a tiny measure of grace to such a horrific conflict that is scarcely imaginable. A few crumbs of hope.
I haven't heard of 'A Midnight Clear' but will take a look
Best wishes