Tuesday, October 6

Open Door Singers Diamond Valley Choir’s First Concert

Recently the Open Door Singers Diamond Valley choir held its inaugural performance to a packed and enthusiastic house. Entry was by way of a gold coin donation and the proceeds were donated to the charity CAVE, who support young people in their reading and writing skills. Here are a few videos my daughter recorded on her iPhone.

Highly instrumental in getting the best in joyous musical expression was the leadership provided by the accomplished singer and acclaimed choral conductor Shaun Islip whose enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Shaun is the Musical Director of the not for profit organisation "Open Door Singers" which aims to foster and grow community choirs and is ably supported by his highly competent and lovely wife. 


susan said...

That looks (and sounds) as though it was a lot of fun. Good cause too.

What was that about a gold coin donation? A real one?

Lindsay Byrnes said...

HI Susan
yes, but hard to capture the tone on a phone, especially with the the colours more evident in the later african numbers. A gold coin expression is commonly used down under to denote other than a silver coin currency ... eg say a 2 dollar gold coin donation on entry. Used when modest amounts are assumed and formal tickets aren't issued, so you just say a gold coin donation by way of entry price.
Best wishes