Sunday, July 26

New earth and heaven

Greek Reporter spoke to a young Greek scientist that works in NASA to get a better understanding of the potential development for life beyond our planet.
Read more here should it be of interest
Planet earth, has cause to smile 
for no boundaries are in space  
As in centuries of old, foretold  
just to gaze in wonderment 
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Tom said...

We are living in exciting times, and not forgetting the recent data from Pluto. I suppose all times have had their excitement - if eyes and hearts were allowed to be open to the new and unexpected.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Tom
All times do have had their excitement - if eyes and hearts were allowed to be open to the new and unexpected, but today I think one can say without a doubt the rate of new discovery has been exponential.
In relation to Pluto who could have dreamed from that first sighting of a moving object way back in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh at the Lowell Observatory she would subsequently emerge is one of the most fascinating objects within our solar system. What I find equally amazing is the extent of data and images detailing her composition and that of her 5 moons was all transmitted back to earth without a hitch in the 472 days it takes to reach us on planet earth.
Best wishes

susan said...

I have a feeling you have a deep love for Teilhard deChardin.

“The great cosmic attributes of Christ, those which (particularly in St John and St Paul) accord him a universal and final primacy over creation, these attributes… only assume their full dimension in the setting of an evolution… that is both spiritual and convergent.”

Lindsay Byrnes said...

HI Susan
Well put -I agree, and no doubt he was ahead of his time and presented a vision splendour and hope that is only more recently been fully appreciated, particularly by the present Pope.
I guess you also enjoyed reading Morris West's The Shoes of the Fisherman.
West was very much an admirer so that his ideas form the very heart of his writing.
Best wishes