Friday, April 17

Whispering spheres

In the state between consciousness and sleep  whilst attempting to relax perfectly, by attempting to empty my mind of all thoughts, recently a dialogue began as follows This is what was said ................"Do you not realise with the vastness of the universe that it could be there are layers and layers of spheres, existing in a higher plane than I dwell. For within this place a thousand years is nothing, in preparation for what is to come when we move onto a higher consciousness, to an even grander place. But we do not know the nature of how all of this will unfold, although I can tell you much more is known than when one exists in an earthly state. But then, as is now, the next transition remains unknown. Do not imagine you are alone, nor that your physicality is something over which I have any control.  For in all things ONE can only act as a guide, in preparation for that which is to come, so there is no need to hold fears over the future. Although I can walk with you, I do not have the power to make changes, but only by way of encouragement for you to find the path as is intended. But I sending another whose insight and clarity is revered and will give you more comfort in times of need."
Your thoughts are most welcome.


Tom said...

I imagine that the One referred to here is that which was referred to in a recent comment on Gwynt. It lays open all sorts of possible experiences of the One, the internal Master.

How tiny our little lives must seem against the infinity of what may yet be. How countless the possibilities that may constitute the whole. How needful the Paraclete to help us on the way.

Thank you for this, Lindsay.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Tom
Indeed, and I wholeheartedly endorse everything you say. Thanks for your insightful comment.
Best wishes

susan said...

This past week I've been re-reading a book I got last year called 'The Three Dangerous Magi - Osho, Gurdjieff, Crowley' by P.T. Mistleberger. Your post immediately brought to mind a passage he quoted from Crowley's last book 'Magick Without Tears' about the Holy Guardian Angel:

"He is something more than a man, possibly a being who has already passed through the stage of humanity, and his peculiarly intimate relationship with his client is that of friendship, of community, of brotherhood, or Fatherhood. He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself; and that is why I have insisted rather heavily that the term 'Higher Self' implies 'a damnable heresy and a dangerous delusion'."

It rings very true for me too that there is One, the One in your poem written for me last week, who offers his guidance for those of us who seek the depths of meaning on and beyond our plane of existence.

All the best to you, Lindsay.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
Thanks for your comment and the reference to ‘Magic without Tears' that I am not familiar but no doubt would be an interesting read, from the relevant quote you included. I remain mindful always of the risk of aspects of my own ego becoming embedded or creeping into dialogue. But then over time, I become more emboldened by virtue of the fact that although this becomes inevitable in some respect, the overriding direction or substance hopefully still remains intact in terms of integrity.
Hence I am glad to hear it rings true for you and for others there is one, who you feel offers his guidance and adds meaning beyond our plane of existence. I always hesitate leaving comments / poems like that, but it good to have feedback they are received in the same manner as was intended, in truth, but also reflective of my best possible intention.
Best wishes