Monday, May 26

Ending entitlements means cutting youth safety net

In “Ending entitlements means cutting youth safety net“ (Australian  Financial Review, May 21) Cassandra Goldie reports major cuts in jobless benefits for people under 30 will create a lot of hardship without increasing opportunities.

Given the limited job opportunities the inescapable conclusion of such a policy to require the under 30 to wait up to six months before getting unemployment benefits and who will then will have to work for the dole, is to provide this government with the distinction of helping set up the next lost generation from an envisaged 100,000 effected.
The estimated saving of 2 billion in government outlays will simply dissipate in the future in increased costs to society if some people become homeless or turn to a life of crime, from those who unable to obtain regular work because employment opportunities are simply not available . 

 A feature of the improved technology over the past decades has not been the flow on effect to labour participation but the reverse is now true today with a propensity to relocate processing or support functions overseas, reducing the pool of opportunities for younger people.

Hence, the simplistic slogan we heard of ‘’learn or earn‘’ presupposes the idea ample opportunity exists for all, as the economy undertakes structural changes and which represents an inopportune  time to remove a long standing safety net for those most vulnerable within our society.



susan said...

These austerity measures are simply another way for powerful interests to suck yet more money into their own coffers. To say they are extraordinarily disruptive of society and could lead to unexpected consequences would be an understatement.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan
This move is particularly bad policy ; concerns have been expressed across the whole community spectrum inclusive of the peak business/industry councils.
Best wishes