Friday, March 7

Good news is not popular

Amongst the doom and gloom of car plant closures and layoffs is some recent depressingly good news.
Australia recently quietly recorded a massive trade surplus in January of $3.4 billion, representative of the excess of exports over imports.
What a headache, imagine, we now have all that extra money as a nation trying to find a home. But wait a minute, we just had the best retail sales figures in 12 years!!
Of course some of our farmers are suffering terribly from drought effects, but elsewhere other sectors and regions more than compensated to record export sales of over $3 billion in January , buoyed by record wheat prices.

Annoyingly we have a corporate sector, that persists in taking advantage of opportunities both at home and abroad. 

Isn’t it irritating to see the giant Coles supermarket chain announce investment of another billion dollars , expected to create 16,000 jobs!!  Or worse still dynamic companies like Flight Centre, Seek and Car Sales are investing heavily in our region instead of sticking to the same old home grown market.  That might shore up our future and give us another headache as additional income accrues in the years ahead.
But what of those terrible miners, such as the world’s largest resources group BHP led by a CEO who is very concerned about global warming and the environmental effects of continual use of fossil fuels, such as coal. He wants to invest in cleaner coal technology and alternatives that don’t harm the environment!! What a tragedy! It was so much more depressingly simple before, to be pessimistic ! .

All of this may have tragic consequences, with so much positive news I’m depressed too much can go wrong!!


susan said...

Your wry point of view brought me a big smile.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan - Only lighthearted and glad it brought a smile.