Tuesday, December 3

prelude to An Optinal Truth

Should it be of interest you can read the prelude of my intended novel at  http://lindsaysblogstory.blogspot.com.au/


gfid said...

a novel! exciting news! it's past my bedtime, but i'll be back for a read :0)

susan said...

I enjoyed reading your set-up for the novel. I do hope you get much satisfaction from the actual writing.

Best wishes.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Gfid & Susan
thanks for your visit. I will get satisfaction in writing the novel but not sure if I will ever finish it. !!

Best wishes

Mercutio said...

I've never seen jacaranda trees, but I used to have an acoustic guitar made from jacaranda wood. Very beautiful wood.

susan said...

Dear Lindsay,
I hope your New Year is a very happy one for you and your family. I always appreciate your kind words and friendship.
Best wishes

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Mercutio & Susan:
Thanks for your visit.

Mercutio: nice wood and spectacular when in full bloom.

Susan: May I return the same sentiments and also best wishes to you and yours.
I trust your seeing more of your son these days!!

Best wishes