Thursday, May 16

Circular seasons.

Trees, whose leaves of changing hues paint
A momentary portrait of a new season
Whose leafy arms hold birds in joyous song
Remind us of life’s eternal spring
Not otherwise discerned.

The trunks of fallen trees; circular rings
A reminder of yesteryear-of seasons come and gone
Of encouragements, the warmth of a fire glow
Of mysteries, of meanings no longer obscure
As grace unfolds, it is a gift of life.

But for all that is said and done
In grief, in joy, in all things under the sun
It is the act of kindness
That all seasons doth surpass.


susan said...

Very beautifully put, Lindsay.

Best wishes.

susan said...

ps: I do hope your recovery has proceeded to full and even better health.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Thanks Susan – suffered a setback but now back on track.
Will have a Laptop PC set up later next week so I will be able to re visit -do some visiting to your blogs and others soon; trust all is well with you.
Bet wishes.