Friday, February 1

Arnold Oliver Byrnes

My uncle Arnold Oliver Byrnes born in Australia on 30 August 1913 passed away on 12 January 2013
Aged 99 he died just 5 days after his wife Dorothy to whom he was married an amazingly happy 79 years.
Her ashes were joined to his grave and resting place back to the flourishing seaside town of Ballina, in NSW. He had left instructions to be buried in Ballina which had happy memories to complement the Byrnes ancestral roots. My paternal grandparents were immigrants from Croydon in England who settled in Ballina which became a favorite holiday destination for my parents and me.   
At the service a wonderful evocative poem was included by granddaughter Jenna Kenny which is reproduced hare:  
My love
I sit and think about our history and life
 But you’ve gone away now my beloved wife

I replay our scenes inside my head
The laughter and love, as my tears are shed

How lucky we were for our family and friends
For all of our years together, my beautiful best friend

You smile, your laughter, all the stories you told
The dances we shared, your resilience untold

Our treasured girls, how proud we were and though
the years have passed, that gift has not blurred

The pain in my heart, my best t friend, my wife
My yesterday and today, you were my life

I will see you again, my Dorothy Byrnes
But until then and now, my heat breaks as it yearns.
Little did we know how quickly that would be, but we
are together now my love, just as it should be …….

Written by Jenna Kenney      



susan said...

That is an amazingly wonderful story and a beautiful poem to accompany it. Believing in Heaven as I do too, I'm sure they were happy to meet again so quickly to resume a journey they only began here on earth.

I came by to offer my hopes that your surgery went well. May your recovery be swift.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Thanks Susan – just out of hospital, and so far so good although it will be months before I can get return to a semblance of normality (given such a large operation) such as go to picnics etc. I can only sit for short periods of time and can't be a passenger in a car for another three weeks and after that for only short distances for two months (except for his follow up appointment with my Specialist. My plan so far is to have several very short walks for about five minutes then gradually builds up to longer over the next few weeks. It is a long recovery and I may be able to drive in three months depending on progress with exercises down the track. Lot of visitors and well wishes it’s been great!!
All the best to you and yours – keep well !!

susan said...

My husband had cervical disc surgery a few years ago so I'm well aware of the recovery time involved after such a procedure. I'm glad to know you came through it okay and it sounds as though you really will be feeling better in at least what's a reasonable time frame. You must have been in serious pain for a good while. I'm glad that's over now or will be as you recover. Nice to look forward to a picnic.

Very best wishes.

gfid said...

welcome home, o wise one! so glad to see from your response to Susan that your surgery went well. yes, a long, slow walk to recovery with many rests and naps along the way.... and also along the way, once you're able, many picnics. enjoy the fussing and pampering while you can :0)

so good to see you out and about in the ether.

gfid said...

.... and, daft as I am, I didn't even mention the lovely romantic story and poem... and the one you left at my place..... thanks so much..... beauty abounds