Thursday, October 25

Singing for enjoyment

  Breathing - Lie on the floor- or  stand up.  By lying down this prevents shoulder movement.  
 Place your hand on your chest – focus on breathing into your hand.
 Place your hand on your tummy with your little finger on your belly button – again focus on breathing into your hand. Breath in over 4 counts hold for 4 and out as long as you can
 Warm up your voice and sing a scale whilst you are in a comfortable position by humming- stay  in a range in which you feel comfortable.  
 Remember to keep the cheeks, tongue and jaw relaxed.
 Rest the tongue at the back of the teeth and keep it flat but relaxed.   
 If your are producing your tone correctly you will feel vibrations  in the roof of your mouth, your nose, nasal cavitiives, lips and cheeks.
Keep the lips, tongue and jaw relaxed.   
 Remember you need more air for low notes and less air  for high ones.   
 Resonate  vocal chords & pallet up.  Smile- Face  &  jaw relaxed with throat open- about to make a yawn/ “or”.     
 Sing  = La hullya. hullya , hullya , hullya 
 Do it slowly – feel your throat is open
 Relax  muscles for more  air as you go lower.        
 Singing all on the one note start  with  oo ah: 
 My mother makes me munch my mini m & m’s on a Monday morning –ooo - ah
 My mother makes me munch my mini m & m’s on a Monday morning –ooo - ah
 My mother makes me munch my mini m & m’s on a Monday morning –
 Develop  supportive breathing habits from the outset – practice and gain more enjoyment with better health from now on – whether singing or speaking !!
If you feeling jaded or the voice is tired – sing a few La  hullya ’s   – you will be surprised how it will lift your voice and your spirits.
 Practice flexibility – try another one – Nina dear I need you near, nina dear  I need you near . !!
 Nina dear I need you near, nina dear  I need you near . !!- enjoy !! 
 Singing, using a good technique  will  not only add to enjoyment but enhance  our overall wellbeing


Zee said...

This short introduction to breathing sounds insane, but it is clearly a fine method to get started.
Hope you are well my friend.

susan said...

It wasn't until I learned the breathing techniques taught for meditation that I found I'd spent most of my life not doing it properly. Your singing lesson provides exactly the same advice and hopefully much the same result.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Zee,
Good to see you again- yes the breathing is to help those who have never previously been involved formally in singing to get started-I am tutoring at the University of the 3rd Age
Susan – Already a more healthy feeling – or improved wellbeing is being confirmed!!
Best wishes

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Susan - True - some have said their overall feeling or wellbeing has improved!
Best wishes

gfid said...

you're obviously keeping very busy in your 'retirement' :0) this is very interesting; i've never thought much about breathing when i sing --- i've just always sung. mum used to say i was singing before i could walk or talk. .... there's always something new to be learned....

Lindsay Byrnes said...

I’m sure you're a natural without need of coaching. In that respect anthropologists think we communicated by singing long before developing language.

Best wishes

Mercutio said...

I'll add this in there, though I was thinking of writing a post of my own as something of a companion piece.

If you find the lowest note that you can sing in falsetto voice, and sing scales slowly with that as the low note, rising one note each repetition, this will give a quite noticeable degree of control over the normal voice.
And take a sip of water plenty and often while doing it.