Tuesday, August 23

Eltham in spring


These pictures are close to where we live which is green and lush from all the rain. This year the dams are almost full and wherever you cast your eye you see a lush green velvet complemented by flowering yellow wattle. Click on each to enlarge to see much more !!
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susan said...

I'm sorry it's taken me a little longer than usual to drop in for a visit but a humid and very warm late summer here have kept me away from the computer more often than not. Your pictures of spring near your home are very beautiful and heartwarming. It looks to be a lovely area for a stroll to a favourite picnic spot.

gfid said...

these look like pictures of paradise.... i hope the summer is just as lovely. you're due for some fine weather in Oz, after the last few seasons of extremes.

Gary said...

Beautiful Lindsay - is that near the river you took us for a walk (the Yarra?)

In any case, thanks and enjoy the freshness of spring as we enter the growing dark of fall.

Lindsay Byrnes said...

Hi Susan & Granny f & Gary

Thanks for your visit.

Susan - Pleased to see the warm late summer arrived over there has hopefully kept you interested with sights outside. The scenery in the pictures is part of our regular walk we undertake.
Granny fiddler – we have had some patches of beautiful weather for a change – but heavy rain instead of drought leaves us in danger of flooding. However the countryside has benefited with lots of growth and more abundant wild life.
Gary – indeed it is the Yarra River which is close by.

Gary said...

I think I recognize some of these places...or those somewhat like them that you graciously shared with Anna and I about 2 years ago. I would love to visit you again and have long talks and similarly wonderful walks. All the best.