Thursday, November 25

Dinner dance to the tune of the “Degenerates”


The Malawi Support Group held another Fundraiser last Saturday when we were entertained and danced to the wonderful music of the "The Degenerates" who donated their services for our dinner dance.
The performance of this marvelous band seems to become more polished each year. One of our past members of the Malawi Support group who died several years ago told the story to another good friend about his experience whilst serving in the merchant marine in WW2. Whilst under severe bombardment everyone was feeling frightened and miserable but during a lull the ships loudspeakers broadcast the song ‘White Christmas’. He recalled vividly the immediate calming effect on the entire company. One of the band members who was his good friend had asked me to sing that song at a previous function he attended. We repeated the song again at this function in memory of our good friend as a reminder of the universality of music as a source of warmth and hope for the darkest of times.
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Mercutio said...

That's a wonderful story.
Does my heart good to hear that you honored your friend in such a way.

Gary said...

Sounds like a great event Lindsay...and a good story too. Reminds me of the WWI truce where the Brits and Germans met between the trenches on Christmas (and sang White Christmas and exchanged items).

The British generals declared a massive bombardment every Christmas Eve after that during the war - to avoid such behaviour!