Sunday, September 12

Debra Byrne

Occasionally a singer ‘owns’ a song as it seems no one else can bring that unique powerful vocal interpretation into play; an emotional strength aptly befitting the words. I think this is true of Debra Byrne but you can judge that for yourself by listening to her version.

Debra in my view is streets ahead of her contemporaries whose qualities and vocalizations may be superior at times but are no match to her telent evident in this recording.


Mercutio said...

I don't recognize the song, but the singing is fantastic.
I don't care so much for the music though. In general, I believe that strings are overused in many places where it would be more beneficial to vary the voices.
The woodwinds are a natural choice for adding texture. (Here's a piece that utilizes strings & woodwinds interspersed.) Horns are a bit more difficult to handle, but it can be done tastefully (Ravel's scoring of Pictures at an Exhibition comes immediately to mind).
I get tired of hearing strings all the time. The effect carries more weight if not used constantly.

White Square said...

Thanks dear Lindsay for introducing to the singing of Debra Byrne!

susan said...

Yes, that was really cool. It's always been true that some very wonderful artists just get lost in the shuffle.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Mercutio, Abhay & Susan
Thanks for your comments.
The song is from the stage musical 'Sunset Boulevard' (music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Don Black and Christopher Hampton.) The arrangement however was by Graeme Lyall who first worked with Debra way back when she was a 12 year old on Australia’s Young Talent Time. Thanks for the reference.
Abhay - I trust you enjoyed her fantastic rendition.
Susan - Debra is very well known in Australia but possibly lost in the shuffle internationally although I think her performance is superior. However I might add that Andrew Lloyd Webber usually chooses the stars of his shows so I am assuming he was very happy for Debra to star in the Australian production of 'Sunset Boulevard.'
Best wishes said...

Sunset Blvd. is one of my all-time favorite movies. Not exactly my kind of music probably because I'm not a huge fan of musicals (although my husband is so we attend quite a few). Debra Byrne's expression fits perfectly with the excessive theme of the film. Quite beautiful.