Thursday, January 10

My Daughter on National TV

My youngest daughter Rachael recently appeared on national TV (A Current Affair) talking and singing about downshifting with another suburban warrior. Press play above to watch the segment.


Zee said...

Hurrrayhhh!!!!! that's the way to go! Lived all my own life like that. Give your daughter a big hug from me and congrats and good luck.

susan said...

First this year I saw Zee's lovely daughter in a self-portrait she completed and now I see beautiful Rachael playing music and expressing a way of living that truly could change life on this planet. It's not our numbers but our consumption that's the problem.

and, no, I had no idea that many new words were being added to the English language so quickly but I do hear the language being badly used - like 'how will that impact our bottom line?' instead of affect. Then there's 'is this emergent?' when what is meant is the word urgent not growing.

and yes, I was well aware of the Aussie phrases you told Scarlet about.. but Walkabout is still one of favorite movies too..

Zee said...

SUSAN ...there might be many words added, but there are also thousands lost.
I can only speak for the common US citizen, but the words uttered on a daily basis belong to the category of about 400-500 hundred. Language has deteriorated to the degree that many people can't read literature anymore. It's right out depressing.
And conversations? The few nuances that take place - it bores me to death.

susan said...

A lot of the new words being added to the language are technology and weapon related therefore essentially meaningless so far as communication and mutual understanding is concerned. Today's example is using the word Taser as a verb.

Gary said...

Fantastic! Rachael first and then the nice television piece. She's articulate as well as wise and talented. How do these dads do it? (Or do they mostly step aside and support and love their daughter and don't do it?)

susan said...

Hi Lindsay,
Thanks for coming back to visit and I'm glad you'll think more kindly of the crow in future. You may not have noticed there's a link on my page to Baby Days . It's a story I wrote dedicated to my son and all the little ones that were - and are.
Be well.

Josie said...

Lindsay, wow! It's nice to see young people realizing that there is more to life than the usual "rat race".

Your daughter is a beautiful girl.

Rachael Byrnes said...

thanks everyone.. really great to read your comments about the ACA interview. Best wishes to you all :-)

Abhay K said...

My heartiest congratulations to Rachel and you.
That's the way to go to the future.

Michael Manning said...

Your daughter is on-target and this was the most refreshing Blog Post of the New Year!! I also enjoyed her guitar playing! Good for her!!! Most admirable!!!!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Zee, Susan, Gary, Josie, Abhay & Michael.
Thanks for all your encouraging words.
Best wishes

arulba said...

Very fun.

What I want to know is - what happens when they have kids? (I bet they homeschool - or at least coop!!)


Seraphine said...

What a great spot. Best wishes to Rachael and her pursuit of a meaningful life. The wonderful thing is she is discovering what it really is she likes to do.
I always thought, no matter what one does, if one does it well enough, one can make money at it.

Granny said...

She's lovely and obviously has her priorities in order.

Echo Zee. A big hug from me to all of you.

Miss Eagle said...

Lindsay, what a lovely to introduce us to Rachael. I am thinking of doing a bit about simplicity - which is part of the Quaker testimonies. Might embed the UT clip in it. Any chance that we do one of our blogging lunches soon and you bring Rachael - and her guitar - along too?

Blessings and bliss and Happy New Year to you and yours

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Laura, Seraphine, Miss Eagle & Granny
-agree Laura,
Miss eagle -Rachael would be delighted to do that!
Seraphine~ in the longer term yes, for the present it’s sometimes scary, Granny -reciprocally to you also !
Best wishes ~

vanessa said...

Looks great - thanks for posting it !!


Rachael Byrnes said...

Hi everyone, thank you for further lovely comments. Glad you all enjoyed the segments. Best wishes- RB

grannyfiddler said...

this is refreshing. kudos to Rachel for living her convictions, and to you LL, for helping her grow them. i have just one small gnat to introduce... having been there. living TOO simply can leave you in a rather bad spot when the kids are all grown, and you're on your own, with retirement staring at you over the next hill... especially if you find yourself single at that time. remind her to make preparations for a comfortable old age while she's young. bit neant to be a deterrent, but just a word of wisdom.

lindsaylobe said...

Many thanks for your encouragement and added words of wisdom for the future.

Jim said...

So very uplifting to see these young people recreating their lives to fit their own dreams.

Your daughter is quite lovely!

Rachael Byrnes said...

Good advice granny! I will remember that!

Jim, thanks for the complements.

& Thanks again to everyone else!

Best wishes