Thursday, December 13


Summer is officially upon us, as is evidenced by our dry backyard, contrasted by the green from our small vegie patch of tomatoes, letuce and zucini, kept moist by a layer of sugar cane mulch ( advised and set up by Chris Willams)
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Gary said...

Lindsay, this drought is very serious isn't it? What are the long term climate projections where you live?

Zee said...

Lindsay, I wish you a good summer harvest. But as Gary said, is there things to worry about climate ways.
I don't mean in general, more specifically for your own region.

Miss Eagle said...

Lindsay, I love the staked tomato plants - like mine at the moment. Anxiously awaiting a crop.

Blessings and bliss

Michael Manning said...

Lindsay: Summer, as in Beach Boys music? :D

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Gary, Zee, Miss Eagle & Michael.

The drought in our region is having a severe effect on our water catchments even though Melbournians have cut back drastically on their water usage in response to rationing provisions. Currently our water storage in the dams is at only 39% capacity; 2 years ago they were over 50%.

Just over the border with SA, Irrigators (who produce 40% of Australia fresh fruit and vegetables) in the Murray Darling basin are paying thirteen times as much for water than they did just over a year ago. The position is dire with the once mighty Murray Rover reduced at places to a trickle. Thousands of Acres of 70 year old Fruit trees and grapes will disappear from the landscape forever.

Miss Eagle ~I hope I can get crop of tomatoes, with only limited watering allowed under the restrictions.

Michael- yes the sound of the Beach Boys still goes with summer and maybe trips to the beach!

Best wishes