Monday, June 4

61st Birthday poem for my wife

Celebrations over of a 60th year passed
Years flash on so unbelievably fast
Another birthday poem for my dear wife
At 61 you’re still the charm of my life

A vine withers, unlike your heart
Pulse still strong, at was at the start
New horizons now my retirement looms
New seasons now to enjoy new blooms

All my best wishes, may I please say
Warm under blankets, or in the cold rain
Wherever we roam or wherever we fly
Blessings to count under a Southern Cross sky


Lee said...

They are lovely words...a wonderful poem, Lindsay. Your wife must love it. Give my best wishes to her for her birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Lee & Laura
Thanks for your comments
I hope you don’t get the flu this year Lee! ~ but I gather your blessed with such good heath......must be all of those fabulous recipes and food you consumed over the years!! Ha Ha.
Best wishes

Josie said...

Aw, what a lucky girl she is to have such a wonderful husband. That is so sweet.

Please wish her a Happy Birthday from me.


Ingrid said...

Blessed is she to not only have a partner who obviously loves her so deeply, but who can express it in the age old romantic verse of poetry.. birthday kisses to your lovely wife (it's a dutch custom)

john stuyfbergen said...

Hi Lindsay,
Happy birthday, anne. lease, don;t read all the ecellent comments. As they say behind every successful man and poet, there is a very surprised wife.
I like your article on virusses, but you don't go further back. How did they occur?

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Josie Ingrid & John

Thanks you for your comments. I will pass on your best wishes to Anne.

John -Viruses I think go back to our very beginnings in evolution in the sea when cellular developments first took place. However no fossil virus has ever been discovered, as they are too small and fragile to survive any form of fossilisation, hence we can only make logical deductions.

Granny said...

Your wife and my older son (the Army one) share a birthday.

Very belated birthday wishes to her.

(Bloglines messed up and this post just appeared today).

abhay k said...

That's really wonderful Lindsay! Love that evergrows! Belated Happy birthday from me!