Wednesday, January 24

5 Minutes to midnight

Planet born of a universal might
Day dawned, beams of sun-light
New life was of natures ways
Water of life, born of suns rays

Earth evolves on it’s planetary spin
Conflicts the scars lie deep within
Gather apace in earthly turmoil
Conflicts of terror over land we spoil

Cities bright, moon guides no longer
Sirens of fear are much stronger
Harvest a bounty under headlights
Labour all day, harvest at night

Fly one end of the globe to the other
Sails in the sunset hear a jets thunder
Bullet Trains clatter over dry land
Satellite pictures of expansion of sand

While there’s time mankind must relate
Harmony to live on earths estate
Conquest in vain, oh foolish free- will
Reverence and wisdom yet to fulfill

Philosophers we are called to be
Destiny for lifes global family
Ethics calls for human rights
Reverence be our guiding light


Lee said...

Well done, Lindsay...a lovely poem, which I did enjoy.

One small point (I'm a stickler for correct spelling) have written "forfill" and I imagine you mean "fulfill"....just a minor thing. I look forward to more of your verse. :)

abhay k said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful poem Lindsay!

I would love to write something like you...what a great expanse have you covered in your poem from the birth of earth till today...


(I was looking for your e-mail to invite you to read my book Three Generations)

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Lee /thanks/now corrected/and for your thoughts and also to Abhay - yes -I would look forward to reading your book-my e-mail is

Rachael Byrnes said...

this is fantastic Dad! A very thoughtful and evocative piece.

DellaB said...

oh Lindsay, this is beautiful, so descriptive, so telling...

how I wish... ::sighs::

Gary said...

Very inspiring words... and in verse too! Thanks Lindsay. And thanks for your thoughtful comments on my 'can we learn compassion?' post.

Granny said...

I hope someone out there is listening. It seems very bleak these days.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Rachael, Dellab, Gary & Granny
Thank you for your kind thoughts. It may be bleak out there but I do think many countries are implementing sustainable energy alternatives and conservation,but much more needs to be done.

Best wishes

Josie said...

Lindsay, I wish everyone could read this poem. I can't believe there are people who still deny it. You have expressed it so beautifully.


DA said...

very thoutful and eloquent my fiend..beautiful!!

grannyfiddler said...

"reverence be our guiding light"

amen, friend

laura said...

Beautiful, Lindsay. The poem flows effortlessly. Hope we can get humanity to do the same.

lindsaylobe said...

Hi Josie, DA, Granny-Fiddler and Laura,
Thanks for your thoughts

Best wishes