Wednesday, July 5


Have been tagged by Vee from Toronto and have to reply on my blog.

I am thinking about
I enjoy thinking about different things concurrently. I try and suspend judgments to what to think about, but I guess retiring from work in about a year time is a recurrent theme.

I said.
As we become obsessed with control and a fear of the loss of control, we become unhappy as we strive for the unattainable

I want to.
I want to go on learning new things every day

I wish
For peace.

I hear
The changing cycle of nature.

I wonder.
About the meaning of life.

I regret
I don't think about regrets, rather I like looking back on my life and thinking about the different choices.

What I am
I am wiser as I an older.

I dance
poorly and prefer to sing

I sing.
in the shower, at church, and occasionally elsewhere.

I cry.
Over life's tragedies.

I am not always.
Easily satisfied.

I make with my hands.
Very little as I am not a handy person.

I write.
What I think.

I confuse
Not something I worry about occasionally with wrong numbers. I don't mind being confused, it's the first stage in new learning.

I need.
Company and friendship

And finally
Best wishes


Vee said...

very well written Lindsay :) I love what you said about control and fear of loss of control. It's not easy to learn or acknowlege, but it is inevitable. :)

Granny said...

Good work. I've been putting off tackling this one.

DA said...

Hard isn't it when you're not easily satisfied like us? :-)

JuBlue said...

Great answers. Excellent point about control.

Val said...

I love your answers, but my favorite is the one on regret. What a positive way to put it!

I look forward to when you retire and hearing about your experiences with that new stage of your life. I am confident you will put it to good and happy use.

Gary said...

Nice insights into you Lindsay - I think there are two themes to your responses: Compassion and integrity.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Hi Vee, Granny, DA, Jublu. Val & Gary
Thanks for visiting, and your kind thoughts. I think answering these types of questions does reveal something about ourselves.

Haider Droubi said...

i did enjoy reading this....
so smple,,,yet so true..