Tuesday, September 27

Quantum Self

I have just finished reading the Book “The Quantum Self” by Danah Zohar which was written in collaboration with her Psychiatrist husband Dr I N Marshall.

I would recommend the book to anyone with an interest in modern physics and its application to our “consciousness"and human nauture.

Her writing is informative and philosophical but in a conversationalist style so I found myself being swept along with her infectious enthusiasm. She makes frequent references of how she applies her philosophy to her family situation so that you feel as if you’re sitting down listening to a chat at times. Her early building blocks of thought are based upon the well known experiments of “Schrödinger’s Cat” and the duality principle of the wave and particle experiments. Its presented in a disarmingly simple way, far removed from the usual dry scientific writings connected to these experiments.

She makers frequent references to our modern day world being adversely affected by the residue of superseded Newtonian science.

What Danah introduces to us is a more enlightened philosophical view that has as its base a ”quantum leap” into the implications of “quantum mechanics” for our human future embodied within our “consciousness”.

Her conclusion is that the new physics of quantum mechanics will lead us to a unifying theory connected to the brain and our consciousness. I think it not unlike what was envisaged by (click on the blue print )Albert Schweitzer-His Life & Thought in his wonderful insight contined within his "Reverence for Life" thought philosophy. If you want to visit his webpage click here.

Its also makes me think there really are (click on the blue print ) Whispering Spheres

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