Friday, June 3


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You may be interested in the latest photos I have received from Malawi that are now included on the Malawi site. The Malawi Support Group have been asked to support the building of a community hall. In Malawi such a hall would be used very extensively by the local community for literacy classes, craft and tailoring workshops and as a general meeting place. The 13 Basic Christian Community Centres (BCCC's) have taken responsibility for themselves, and, after lengthy negotiation, purchased the block of land for the above project. But they will need our help to complete this project. Fr Patrick, the resident parish priest informed us in a recent e mails of the lengthy time taken to complete projects which has been frustrating in some respects. He is returning to Ireland in June for a break.
We were also pleased to re establish contact with Sr. Mary who has been back in the St Kizito parish since June 2003, returning from Ireland just after her Dad died in May 2003 after a long struggle with illness.
She works with the women in Mtsiriza and villages in Kasiyafumbi, all part of St Kizito's parish. But some weeks ago she also started assisting a group of widows from 3 other parishes in child care, bereavement counseling and some craft skills
Recently Fr Patrick and Sir Mary Doonhan sent many splendid photographs that are all now posted on the Malawi website.

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