Sunday, February 13

Global Warming Warning

Award winning journalist Melissas Fyfe reported in the Age newspaper published in Melbourne on Saturday 12th February that Australia is especially at risk to global warming.

Following on from my previous posting on the NZ iceberg sightings I thought it may be of interest.

Melissa reports:
"Australian scientist Dough Thost spends months at a time on Heard Island, studying a river of ice called Brown glacier. It once wound down unil it met the sea, but has retreated more than a kilometer since 1947 and, at this rate will be gone in a few hundred years. Other glaciers are melting all over the island and an area of about 30 square kilomertres has been exposed in their wake."

The case for global warming and the inevitability of reaching a point of no -return even in the next 20 years (if not already ) is overwhelming. A temporary solution away from fossil fuels to nuclear energy my be the best short term solution. Despite the obvious dangers it may be our only salvation as natural energy equivalents will take too long to develop.

Let us know what you think.


Andy Dabydeen said...

Nuclear energy is the way to go if we want to make a difference for future generations. It's safe, clean and cheaper than the alternatives. People need to get over the fear of things going boom and scare of enriched uranium being used to make weapons. See my post on pebble-bed reactors and my latest on why going nuclear is good.

Darrick said...

What if I told you that we didn't have to use fossil fuels? What would happen to those thiefs called OPEC? They would stand to lose a crap load of money. Back in 1976 a man in Californa invented the first car that ran on a hydrogen fuel cell or heavy sea water. Guess who forced him to sell the pation? I don't know for sure, but I have a good idea.

a said...

What ever happened to the Super Collider Super Conductor? That was going to go in down the road from us in Waxahachie, Texas. But didn't Bush, Sr. nix it?

Mindwhich said...

China has completed 500 Coal fired Power Station in the last 12 months, and has plans to build 500 more! if carbon is the problem why are we not encouraging them to go nuclear. Could it be we want to sell them our coal. China is producing 1000's of new cars that will add pollution to the atmosphere, they are not built to the latest environmental standards but several generations back. Western companies are behind the maufacture. Is this short term greed at the expense of the future of the world. Will we ever be governed by ethical people who will take the right decision for the future, maybe the answere is to do away with money, or just the accountants, but not the ones with well developed frontal lobes.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for your comments mindwhich.

China is the "Power House" for commodities, energy hungry but not at all keen to consider any concerns for the enviroment or ethical standards. And so it seem also of its major supplying partners, who equally share in indifferences to the outcomes for future generations.

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